High Impact Real Estate Marketing Programs are a Foundation to Success in Your Real Estate Career. Jack White's full service marketing department provides the advantage you need in this competitive real estate market. It's like having your own personal assistants, who you only have to pay for when you need them.

About Jack White's Marketing Services:

  • Professional in-house marketing department.
  • Customized marketing plans.
  • Client retention programs.
  • Neighborhood farming/prospecting tools.
  • Discounted rates on newspaper ads.
  • Custom designs at a low hourly rate.
  • Maintain mailing lists of clients & prospects at no charge.
  • In-house mailing department.
  • All services billed directly to your monthly account statement.
  • Letterhead, business cards, property feature sheets, property brochures, direct mail postcards (recipe, just listed, holiday, just sold etc.) custom logos...

Jack White Homebuyer's Guide

  • —Full color custom designed guide with customizable pages

Aggressive Weekly Newspaper & Television Advertising Program

  • —Discounted advertising rates through volume purchasing power.
  • —Free Open House Ads
  • —Top Web Presence with newspaper web solutions

Personal Promotional Campaign

  • —A consistent image-building program can increase your success.
  • —We help develop your custom plan. Including such things as business cards, logos, letterhead, note cards, brochures, postcards, fax sheets, pens, mugs to name a few.

Listing Presentation Materials

  • —We do not let you go empty-handed to a presentation. Our materials help you close the deal.
  • —Printed manual presentation.
  • —Online versions for laptops or iPods.
  • —Home books

Direct Mail Campaigns

  • —Open House postcards, just list postcards, just sold postcards...
  • —Custom newsletters, personal promotion and property update pieces.

For Sale Yard Signs

  • —Free installation  for all listings.
  • —Additional services for installation, removal, storage and enhanced displays.

Personal Web Sites

  • —Personalized web site, branded with your information.
  • —Includes fully integrated property search, visitor accounts, real estate information, and more.
  • —Your web site - your leads. All inquiries from your site are sent directly to you.

Each Listing Receives its own Web Site

Jack White Mobile Search App

Property Bin