Megan Lyn Ticknor


Anchorage Office
3801 Centerpoint Drive Suite 200
Anchorage, AK 99503

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Megan Lyn Ticknor


Megan is a third generation Alaskan with deep roots and pride in her home state.  She has chosen to become a professional REALTOR and has dedicated herself to helping others achieve the American Dream of Home Ownership.  As an Army Brat, Megan has lived in Several States including Missouri and Louisiana.  Megan has 10 plus years in customer service and knows how to let her passion and dedication work to help others. 

Her hobbies include family, fishing, camping, softball, and football.  As a Licensed REALTOR with Jack White, you will be in good hands with Megan.  Call her at 907-231-1022

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